David Crosby / James Raymond

There was a peace of a song I heard the other day

Some words I heard this singer say

Something in me loved the way that it sounded

When he said how he wanted to stand

Stand and be counted

Now, sometimes I talk to myself in the early dawn

Before all the fragments of my dreams are gone

Things you don't know why your mind held on to

Or else sometimes you know more than you want to

Stand an be counted, stand on the truth

Stand on your honor, stand and be counted

And I wonder who that kid was standing brave and trim

And I hear myself breathe and I know that I was him

Defender of the poor and those who cannot speak

I thought I'd be standing by the dam trying to stop the leak

So concerned with matters of the heart

And knowing the millenium was just about to start

And knowing that somehow we could make a difference

I want to stand alone in front of the world and that oncoming tank

Like that Chinese boy that we all have to thank

He showed us in a picture that I have mounted

Excactly what it means to stand and be counted
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Stand And Be Counted Lyrics

Crosby, Stills & Nash – Stand And Be Counted Lyrics