Cheeks as red as a bloomin' rose
Eyes of the prettiest brown
She's the darling of my heart
Stay till the sun goes down

Shady Grove my little love
Shady Grove my darling
Shady Grove my little love
I'm going back to Harlan

First time I saw Shady Grove
She was standing in the door
Shoes and stockings in her hands
And her little feet on the floor


Every night when I go home
My wife would try to please her
The more I try the worse she gets

I'll be damned if I don't leave her


I wished I had a big fat horse
And corn to feed him on and
A pretty little girl to stay at home
Feed him when I'm gone


Wished I had a banjo string
Made of golden twine
And every time I'd play on it
Wish that girl was mine


Peaches in the summertime
Apples in the fall
If I can't have the one I love
I won't have none at all

(Chorus until fade)
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Shady Grove Lyrics

Crooked Still – Shady Grove Lyrics