Just about a year ago
I set out on the road
Seekinґ my fame and fortune
Lookinґ for a pot of gold
Thing got bad things got worse
I guess you will know the tune
Oh ! Lord Stuck in Lodi again

Rode in on the Greyhound
Iґll be walkinґ out if I go
I was just passinґ through
Must be seven seven months or more
Ran out of time and money
Looks like they took my friends
Oh ! Lord Iґm stuck in Lodi again

The man from the magazine
Said I was on my way
Somewhere I lost connections
Ran out of songs to play
I came into town, a one night stand
Looks like my plans fell through
Oh ! Lord, Stuck in Lodi again

If I only had a dollar
For evґry song Iґve sung
And evґry time I had to play
While people sat there drunk
You know, Iґd catch the next train
Back to where I live
Oh ! Lord, Iґm stuck in a Lodi again
Oh ! Lord, Iґm stuck in a Lodi again
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Lodi Lyrics

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Creedence Clearwater Revival – Lodi Lyrics

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