We built this country on "democracy"
We stole this land through hypocricy
We found ourselves some liberation
And we hid our guilt on the reservation
What we want we must possess
It's time for us to take your address
You cannot stop our progress
Send your complaints to Congress
We declared all men's equality
While the blacks still lived in slavery
They fought in wars for our cause
But still couldn't vote by our laws
We change the rule when we decide
Our moral values are cast aside
Your oppression is justified
Cause we're the ones who preside
Now it's 1994
Nothing's changed much from before
We break promises left and right
What we can't buy, we take by might
Some would say we victimize
But we just try to capitalize
Your only hope we'll monopolize
So we can build our enterprise
It's all in your books
All you need to do is take a look
If you don't know what
Our country's done
Here's history lesson #1
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History Lesson #1 Lyrics

Crashdog – History Lesson #1 Lyrics