There's a wikked time of year, you can't escape,
When the moon is bright and the blood curdle in your veins,
She's movin' all around you, got you in her grasp,
It's time for sacrifice and take to ya last...

Down to the pit of endless burning,
Surrounded by flames, there's no return...

She's the queen of black, she will seduce you,
Until your burst, she will abuse you,
You can't escape, you won't break free b' coz she's pain,
You'll never be the same, huh!

Now you're nicely tied up on a cross made of skulls,
She'll rip your heart out, make a dildo with the pulse,
She's the devil's bitch, a slave of the dark as you're to be,
Prepare the spincter for a hellish penalty,

You'll never see the daylite, under her command,
She'll give you life eternal, but from earth you're banned...
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Miss Pain Lyrics

Crashdiet – Miss Pain Lyrics