Disinte-e-grating d(bassf#)-g
Dis-a-inte-e-grating d(bassf#)-g
Dis-c-inte-e-grating d(bassf#)-g
Dis-c-inte-b-grating c

E in your d(bassf#) old grey g skirt
D all sargasso? c teeth
E where you d(bassf#) left your g crows
B where I let you c down

E you can d(bassf#) take it g all
D now you take a c bow
E all the d(bassf#) green tea? g seas?
B on sargasso c couch
B sargasso c couch


Deep within? the deep
Sleep with green sea mares
A-dream of bright hot sun
Phosphorescent hairs

You can have it all
You can have the yokes
For floating tethered cows
And seek the olds wagon spoke
Wagon spoke


Em c(bass e) d em
Em disintegrating, c(bass e) disintegrating, d disintegrating, em aah

E aaaah d(bassf#)-g-a
E aaaah d(bassf#)-g-c


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Disintegrating Lyrics

Cracker – Disintegrating Lyrics