I've lost my innocence, to all your ignorance,
is this the price we pay, to live our lives this way,
and i believe that things could change no matter what you say,
if hesitation is what kills, now you've lost everythingYou're way too late, because I'm already gone,
for now I'm out, I guess I'm saving myselfThe closer that we get, the more that I regret,
for losing out on all, that never let me fall,
and now I face it all again until I can't pretend,
to fake a smile i do so well, can't you learn anythingLet your knife say all that your mouth couldn't say,
from the top of a neck to the bottom of a waist,
I guess I'm saving myself, and you'll never break me
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Saving Myself Lyrics

Count The Stars – Saving Myself Lyrics