This air is contagious, no one can save us,
nothing this good could ever last,
and tonight is a drug, that I won't give up,
this is my favorite addiction
the summer comes to a close, and no one knows what we know,
no one knowsI can't explain, what made me stay, I fall into the same mistakes,
like all good things, they never last, the past is pastI'd rather be drowning, than swimming away,
that's something that will never change,
I swallow regret, and hope for the best,
if this is all that i can dothis is why I never try, to make it seem we shouldn't leave,
this is why I never trythis air is contagious, no one can save us, but I waitI must confess, I'm not impressed, there's nothing worse than losing you,
I must confess, I'm not the same like all good things
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All Good Things Lyrics

Count The Stars – All Good Things Lyrics