It was 85 Queensbridge was crazy live
Smitty was an icon his son had an MB5
Shan was the man on the rap tip, Marley on the beats
Big Wag on the crack tip, shit was sweet
Trent was a fly nigga, John Boi a live nigga
Treach hung with Ugi, you my heart till I die nigga
Herb was a trouble maker RK a money maker
Can't forget Wee-Wop he was the illest ball player
86 is when The Bridge stuck together
The era of crack vails and dapadamn leathers
Karena was a funny nigga, Fat Boy a hungry nigga
Wells from the 40 busters was a get money nigga
When Tyrone died we cried with Thomas
Smash had the accident that shocked The Projects
Then The Bridge dropped, KRS got on the bandwagon
And did Shan but it was good for hip hop
And 87 hot day mix tapes was bangin'
Anita Baker sang while we were slangin'
Doing our thing hangin' on corners
With Roach that was enormous
Big Butter was rappin', Dime had the tournaments
Rodney was a flashy nigga, Prince Wally had heat
Mark Allen used to physically smash niggas
Can't forget Yammy with the skill and hand speed
That also it the year we first seen Blue Van Deeds
Fun and World was gettin' it big time
And nigga World was the first nigga I seen wit a five
88 was ill, John Hov got killed
In the summer time niggas parked their rides on the hill
Droughs was a fighter, Spunk was a cash getter
Up was mad skinny but not afraid to blast niggas
Don't even ask about a Queensbridge Jam kid
The music was loud and secluded the blastin'
I'm from 40-15 like Horse and Douler
Alley Joe Mar and Troy the future
Jungle to Watson fishin' the Austins
Puertorican one on the fifth floor snortin'
Can't forget cool Chip Hays and Bo Spud
Black Jay, E Flam, Mayo, Wallace Snake
Hi-see Starby, Gram Wiz, Crazy Barry and his brother Robby
A year later we was duckin' from Bobby
On the Ave it was Crazy Smalls Black and Party
Kenyon, Lisa, Inga, Richie, Opps and Howie
Suiter and Bar Kim the Foul One the hand and hand king
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The Legacy Lyrics

Cormega – The Legacy Lyrics

Songwriters: ALAN MAMAN / C. MCKAY
The Legacy lyrics © Royalty Network Music Publishing Ltd.

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