Looking for an answer to end all the violence
But you'll find no solutions behind the white paper
Searching for a way to break down that fence
Do you really believe in this ludicrous caper?

Mountbatten murdered - a rebel gunman's been shot dead
"They're all murdering bastards" - or was that something that I read?
Well, whatever - it's just the same -death, destruction, violence and pain

This side, that side, that side, this side
What side? Any side. You can't side me
That side, this side, this side, that side
What side? Any side. You can't side me

Where could it end? What could the outcome be?
One thing's for sure there'll be a lot more corpses before the Government can see
A lot more screaming bullets. A lot more children dead
And a lot more 'Bloody Sundays' all painted in red

A lot more pointless talks and a lot more death walks
A whole lot more of whose tribe should rule
The squaddies on the corner. The gunman's on the roof
Who's the real terrorist? Well don't look to the media for your proof

The British Empire ain't what it used to be, mate!
And it's a bit late to try and make it great
So, what's the point in fighting out there?
British Constitution on a land's fate

The 'Vengill' computer sums it all up
It's just packed with reasons to cut people's lives up
Well whatever, it's just the same
Death, destruction, violence and pain

I see no point in deciding
Because I won't fight for troops in Ireland
I won't shoot the IRA dead
And I won't smash no bastard's head
Because I don't want to die
Do you want to die?

This side, that side, that side, this side
Right side, wrong side. Can't side me
This side, that side, that side, this side
What side? Your side. Can't side me
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Conflict Lyrics

Conflict – Conflict Lyrics

Songwriters: JERWOOD, COLIN
Conflict lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, DOWNTOWN MUSIC PUBLISHING LLC

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