You come around most every night
Looking for my heart
Each time I turn out the light
I can count on you to start
Bringing back sweet memories
Of the love we made
You never change

You're a faithful old flame
I know you'll be here right on time
To tear me up again
You never stay away too long
And give me a chance to mend
Tears won't drown your fire in me
It's even worse when it rains

You never stray from a faithful old flame
Just when I think you're gone
You start the fire
And I yearn for your touch
That I miss so much
Embers of love glow even brighter
Than they did yesterday

They won't go away
I've tried my best to put you out
But the spark remains
It's still the same
You're a faithful old flame
You never stray you're a faithful old flame
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Faithful Old Flame Lyrics

Collin Raye – Faithful Old Flame Lyrics

Songwriters: B. MASON, L. WILSON
Faithful Old Flame lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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