Turned on and wide awake
Dust it off as a lonely day
We're gonna go where the bed's
(Band's [unverified])
Got soul

Just sing away all my pain
Sweet honey 'thin my veins
We're gonna twist and shout
And forget our names

Swing low and turn the lights down
I don't wanna know a better way to heaven
I can feel you shine around me
And I don't wanna know a better way to heaven

I'm gonna make a name, I'll make you my famous claim
And I'll take you downtown every night
Think you can lock me up, show me what it's all about
There's no star I could follow like I follow you


I wanna know what it's all about
I just know when it all works out
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I heard the gospel truth and I got it all from you
You got your message through on time
You must be a savior's daughter, feel like I can walk on water
When I feel your sweet lips touchin' mine


[Chorus: x2]
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Better Way To Heaven Lyrics

Colin James – Better Way To Heaven Lyrics

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