Well I don't know what happens when we die,
But I just can't see no angels in the sky
I might lay there for a while, I hope I go with a smile,
But I just don't care what happens when we die,

And I say faith is a cult! Faith is a cult!
The faithful say that I'm an insult
Faith is a cult! Faith is a cult!
And the cult is beating me by breading me out

Well I don't know if a god is coming back
But I kink you're fucking crazy to welcome
An attack that would signal Armageddon,
But to you it's just as well
Cause you don't know you're going to go to hell

Christians, Jews and Muslims too
They want to tell me how to pray
But they don't know that I got a soul
And they can't take it away
If I'm right we die
If they're right we all wind up in hell
But I'd rather live my life today
And treat all people well
We're heading for a new dark age
And in defense of reason
Here's what I say

Yeah they are beating me
Forget succeeding
They're morally misleading
And they are cheating
By breading me out
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Faith Is A Cobra Lyrics

Cobra Skulls – Faith Is A Cobra Lyrics