Broken memories found you there
Lost inside a silent prayer

You didn’t know me (these things that hold me here)
Locked up inside (under my silent tears)

I guess you left your soul behind
That night the stars became your guide

(You said)
I’m better off, creating my only reality
Nothing is lost, in the search to find your own destiny

What of love?
What of life?
What of the everlasting sacrifice?
What of joy in the pain?
It’s still the same as yesterday
What of love?

It was Fall two years ago
The day the rain turned into snow

I’ll be alright (these things that hold me here)
There’s no reason to stay (under my silent tears)

On the mountain burning bright, He’s an all-consuming fire
There He waits for you, to return from your dark desire

He is love
He is life
He is the sacrifice
Joy in the pain
He’s still the same as yesterday
He is love
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What Of Love Lyrics

Clear – What Of Love Lyrics