I’ll chase the light at four o’clock
Until I glow, until I know
I’m draped in color like the trees
It’s beautiful to me

I stare into the setting sun
On thirty-five, until I find
A way to let it seep into my soul
It’s beautiful to me

But You call me with a light more bright
Than anything I’ve ever seen

Flash for a million miles or more
Until what is dead is swallowed by life
Flash for a million miles or more
Until my whole life is clothed in eternal life

Tonight the stars are whispering
A mystery while we sleep
It’s more than just another wish for peace
It’s beautiful to me

In a moment we’ll all be changed
And this dim reflection will fade away
Compared to the light that You offer us
And the glory we’ll see on Your face
You’re beautiful to me, You’re beautiful to me
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