I want to be poor in spirit
Heavenly grace undefined
When every word from Your mouth is my reason to claim anything

I’ll lift my voice with the mourning
The sound of the sorrow I’ll learn to know
When every tear from Your eye is like comfort to my soul

Blessed are You
Blessed are You
Blessed are You

If I can just learn to be gentle
Then I can inherit the whole earth
And everything I receive only by Your giving to me

And if I eat only righteousness
Then I’ll never hunger again
And every time I show mercy, I’ll know her like my closest friend

And if You give me a pure heart
Then I will see You for sure
And every day will bring peace when I’m known as child of the King

When the world comes against you
When they falsely accuse you
And when evil surrounds you
For yours is the kingdom
Yours is the Kingdom
Yours is the Kingdom of Heaven
You have a Kingdom in Heaven
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Blessed Are You Lyrics

Clear – Blessed Are You Lyrics