Let's go! Our reality comes knocking, here we go again
Down this hole you've dug for us. Scars from the faded
Memories bleed out again. We will escape these notions
And your lack of faith. Persist through the feeble. We'll
Destroy these barriers built all around us. Burn them
Down! Try to kill the force but it carries on. Awaken the
Death from within. You see now your nightmares will bury
You. We are the nightmares that come for you! Finding the
Weakness is a lesson learned. Now this force can't be

Stopped, the last piece of the puzzle now fits in place.
So what's next? What do you expect us to fail? Now we cut
The throats of our enemies and paint the world with their
Blood. Never been more ready to face the winds and fires.
Let them see our persistence! Create the standard we've
Worked and make clear the path we lay! These bloody hands
Prove that we're here to fucking stay! Let the rest lay
Gutted when we seize the day!
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Sworn Alliance Lyrics

Classic Struggle – Sworn Alliance Lyrics

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