Some of you all, I know
I told this story to before
But those of you that haven't
Heard me tell this story
I just wanna tell you about
A little trouble I had, that's all

You know I woke up
Early one morning, children
But before I go any further
I just wanna tell you that
I didn't have but two eggs
For my breakfast that morning

And, children, the cat had
To jump up on the table
And knock them off
And now they're gone

But I did have a strip of bacon
In the icebox, children
But when I switched on my gas
I found the man had cut my gas off

Just then, I went to my front door
And picked up my newspaper
And when I sit down in
My old easy chair, children
When I switched on the lights
I found the man had cut
My lights off too

Just then, I felt so bad
I just wanted to take
Me a little ride
And I went outside and
Got in my 1938 Cadillac
And I turned the corner, children
And my car gave out of gas
And I had to walk right back home

But just as I was walking
Through my front door
I heard the phone when it rang
And the only girl in the world
That I ever loved, children
Called me and said, Clarence
I want you to loan me five dollars

But, Lord, it hurt me so bad
When I had to tell her that
I didn't have but fifty cents
To my name and it had a hold on it
And she put me down

Then, children, about twelve noon
I got a letter in the mail
And it said that if I didn't have
My rent in by five o'clock
I was gonna have to get outdoors

And, Lord, I felt so bad then
That I just wanted to sit down
And sing me a song
I guess I woulda sang a song
Children, I guess I woulda sang a
Song that I had never sang
Before in my whole life

I guess I woulda sang
Part Time Love if Johnny Taylor
Hadn't recorded it at that time
The I guess I woulda sang
I Need To Belong To Someone
But Jerry Butler had recorded
His at that time

But as I was thinking, children
I couldn't help but feel the tears
When they ran down my eyes

I said, oh, oh, oh
Why do I have so much trouble
I got to work so hard every day
Slave for my woman...
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Trouble I've Had Lyrics

Clarence Ashe – Trouble I've Had Lyrics

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