I wanna give you head,
I caught her giving head to her brother,
I wanna do it right,
Don't know how she knew bout it, mustve got it from her mother,
I wanna put his right,
I wanna do this but I can't smother,
My baby in her crib waiting for her mother,
I caught my brother giving head to cid,
Didn't know why but he fucking was enjoying it,
I would, too right!
I never knew he could give head to his brother,
Don't know what I'm saying, saying it right? I'm not gonna take all of this shite
Gonna kill ya for all of the head that youve done, never do it again!
What? Go fuck yer mom!
I caught my daughter giving head to her mother,
Dunno why mustve tasted like fish
I'm gonna fuck her and make her my daughter
Dunno what I've said but I messed up my head!
Dunno what I've said but its messed up my head
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!!!!!
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C.K.Y Give Head Lyrics

Cky – C.K.Y Give Head Lyrics