Got to work, need to play, jack into the might.
What he chose, strike the pose, feel like shit tonight.
Light a smoke, have a drink, wear the jester's mask.
Make a joke, have a laugh, seems like such a task.

Walking thru the door, don't need no passes
Walking down the hall, ain't got no love.
Smack you in the face, gonna break your glasses.
Got a little dirt on her velvet glove.

Feels like pain, then again, haven't felt for years.
Make a pout, try to shout, alligator tears.

Try to draw the line on a clear glass table,
Jam up the mirror, ain't got no love.
Tend your gaping wound if she was able,
Got a little blood on her velvet glove.

Mercy and Tuesday came to the show
Couldn't hang backstage cuz they had to go
Make an appearance, need to be seen
Laugh at the staff, it seems they're so mean.

Pull the ace, make the face, walk onto the stage.
Take a drink, give a wink, try to act his age
Taxi boys 'n' all that noise, lights are in his eyes,
Power chord, mental ward, wearing his disguise.

Standing in the wings, sweet sisters with a switchblade.
Turns to walk away, ain't got no love.
Cut him just a little for the noise that he made,
Gotta little mess on her velvet glove.

Mercy and Tuesday, they've got the nerve.
Took down our friend Roger, threw him a curve
But they don't think two times 'bout those that they've hurt,
Slinging their mud, throwing their dirt.

Houston and April, witches of yore,
Laughing and belching, acting the whore.
Fishnets and vice grips, whiskey and coke,
Teardrops and bloodstains, a snort and a toke.

Mercy and Tuesday looked to the stage.
Saw nothing but poses draped in fake rage.
Shrugged their thin shoulders, sipped their weak drinks.
Looked at their watches and started to think...

Mercy met April, Houston met the Tooz.
They all had a love for glitter and booze.
Cold shoulder the boys who don't understand,
So they joined forces and started a band.
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Mercy And Tuesday Lyrics

Circle – Mercy And Tuesday Lyrics