Borders that we say are policing you back to their arms.
Tension to take pills that'll make you feel higher inside.
Do you often look back on us, feeling confidently.
Would it make any difference if I wasn't late.
Or I'd been angry to show.
The sovereign statement's wrong.
It's a bi-law and a valiant one.
To honor hopeful thoughts.
It's the talent, not the promo-shots.

Story has shown you all felt alone.
Even if... if the sound it makes when it's tightening,
sweet winding up of a mandolin hurts your fingers.
And if you try to hold on but it's not quite working.
This reminds me of the sound you make when we disagree.
Story has shown we all felt alone.
Even if you're not alone anymore.
Still we grow.
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Always Getting What You Want Lyrics

Circa Survive – Always Getting What You Want Lyrics