Let him sit in the kitchen
Till the red rooster crows
And drink bootleg whiskey
Till he loses control
Let him find him somebody
He can treat like a dog
Let the house fall down
And let him grow old

But she ain't goin' back
She ain't goin' back
She ain't goin' back to Danville
Till shes dead

He got the whole town believing
That she was to blame
This towns filled with people
With his last name

Shes heard that the devil
Lives way down below
But the devils little brother
Lives on old Danville road


Now her mommas tombstone
Sits high on a hill
She been gone seven years
She misses her still

But one fine day
They'll be together again
Shell go back to Danville
If they'll let her in

[Chorus: x2]
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Danville Lyrics

Chris Knight – Danville Lyrics

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