I know
You wanna give me some
Since yah boy blown up
Like a bubble gum
Best believe
I'm known
To get gutta with it
Ya booty's a bubble
I'm a call you
My bubblicious
Chick from tha gutta
I ain't stutta
I'm gutta with it
So come and get it
Like you wanted
To get it since
Yo, excuse me miss
I'm a keep it bouncin'
Like six, fo
Rollin' through yo hood

Need to find 'em
Need to find one
She a fly one
(I need a ridin girl)
(I need a ridin girl)

Round here
Shorty got Tims
And em bangas
Black bandana wraped
'Round her ankles
Round here
Shawty got swagga
Plus she got attitude
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Hood Ridin Lyrics