Don't Promise Me

... Sometimes I feel
I've never pined for you
I've never crashed my heart for you...

Drowning the pain in glass of wine
I recall the deeds you've done
Who is need your stupid charm
If your soul is empty yet...

Pre-chorus: Could you ever dream of me?
Could you ever die for me?
Could you ever play with me?
Now listen to me...

Don't believe I say
Don't believe you see
Don't believe the prise you pay for me
Nothing more to lose
Nothing more to win
Baby I just beg - Don't promise me
Don't believe I die
Don't believe I cry
Don't believe the stars I've got from sky
Nothing more to will
Nothing more to kill
Baby I just beg - Don't promise me

Falling snow reminds me how
I was fallen in your love
It was time of valentines,
And the tender promises...

Where is now your shining eyes?
Where is now your whispering lips?
Where is your disarming smile?
Why you left to me the only filth?

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Don't Promise Me Lyrics

Childermas – Don't Promise Me Lyrics