Step right up
Your right on time
Come aboard baby
And you will be mine

I been dreamin' of you all my life
Inside of my head
Wishin; I could have you
So let's got to bed

All aboard, get your ticket to ride
'Cause it's leaving tonight baby
Don't be late
Bring your love to the gate

For my physical
See I can tell you want to ride
By looking straight into your eyes
And I believe you when you say that you ain't

Never told a lie
Halleluah, your a dream come true
Must have known that I was waiting
For you

Come inside so I get what you
Want baby


I move it just when you like
Just how you want it to feel
I'll do it real slow like chill
So tell me if you know the deal

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Love Jones Lyrics

Chico Debarge – Love Jones Lyrics

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