Two thousand years gone by and going strong
Well never fear my love it won't be long
You say you've had enough, it seems so wrong
Now it's suicide, oh my love

And now you know just why I'm here
And now my eyes they see so clear
No fear

Where do we go from here, it's in your head
So many tears we'll cry before we're dead
Remember me my love and what we said
I will stand by you all night long

And now you know just why I'm here
And now my eyes can see so clear
Oh baby

Just like the dreams you grow old and die
No one pretends to know just why
I feel the calm before the storm
I'm here

Kiss me again before you go
There's something else that you should know
My life will be hell without you my belle
Oh, give all my love, my love
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Special One Lyrics

Cheap Trick – Special One Lyrics

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