When she jumped off the seesaw
I came crashing down
I lit a votive candle
And she lit up the town
When she went water skiing
I took a bottle and I drowned
Every day i've lost
Is just a minute that she's found

Benji was
Just a mangy mutt
But he hung around
Until he made the cut

Orphan annie
Held out for the sun
Of tomorrow
Cause tomorrow's gotta come

But she's tripping on blue eyes
And god made my eyes brown
And when I need her here
Is when she's not around

People never
Close their traps
People say
That opposites attract

And I prayed so hard
My rosary is red
But maybe i'm a fool
Cause maybe god is dead
But when you're drinking faith
You buy another round

Cause once you cash it in
Well, there's no going back
So i'll have one more
And pray that opposites attract

The sign of the cross
Always starts
At the head, but ends up
At the heart

And how we fail
And all we lack
And heads believe
That they're never coming back

But hearts forgive
And souls interact
And in the end
Opposites attract
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Opposites Attract Lyrics

Chancellorpink – Opposites Attract Lyrics