I'm afraid that my own self-judgement failed.
I've faced a fake court of illusive queens of lies.
Not able to understand what was hidden behind me.
Not able to express what was inside me.

I remembered these tears.
Permanent Acid Pain.
Broken pieces of glass dormant in my corpse.
Pushing me to evolve by weakness.
Reaching that limit of unconscious.
My Eyes cannot be closed.

I faced what I wanted to consider as purity.
I felt regrets when I touched her hand.
I was hurtled when I kissed her lips.
I thought I felt sadness.

But it was disgust, only.

I wanted to swallow what I was not able to vomit.
I wanted to fly away and return to that embryonic
Foetus state.
Something has to live again. Death do not give life.
A creature without that repugnent capacity of
Sumptuous Endrogyna.

Unemotional unborn nature.
Liquid crystal shining through eyes.
I walked without leaving traces on the sand.
I wish I could breath like those humans I refused to
But they refuse to share what they have in abundance.
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A Regrettable Misinterpretation Of Mournfulness Lyrics

Celestia – A Regrettable Misinterpretation Of Mournfulness Lyrics