Welcome to the temple
It devastates, devastates inside
Obscured to be simple
Tolerance, eager to confide
Elevate in madness, abstract darkness
The temple shall posses stubborn and left thirsty
Fear embraced, death seems endless
Blind absurdities
Escalate in vehemence
Downpour of abominations
Aching needs paradise within
Soul less empty all the voices linger deep
Rise, weep in everlasting consumption
Feed all the temples of society
Sick, sicker than the locusts of the earth
Burn, burn within the temple of the blind
Scream, scream within the temple
Of the deaf blackness
Down smashing, crush thy skull
Bring it forth bleeding
Wake up vermin, you disgrace
Miserable, silent
Spiral illness, chained to the skies
Chambers in black, conceal the outside
Find the menace in thine own eye
The criminal saturates
Exquisite torture, crawl within the shadows
Temple of sickness, eve of hate has cometh
The voices persuade
Persuading the webs of mental confinement
Unclean, linger with thee
Find the darkness
Impurity breeds vilest of the vilest
Suffocating all the weakness
Ache, thoughts are aching
Passion burns, deep incarceration
Fertile, seeds are fertile
Mental penis penetrates all
Through the kingdoms of subconscious
Pain disgusting
Fall into the arms
Redeeming, teased, unseen
In all of its vulgarities
Pride boiling, purest of the ways
Are spoiling, soul vacant
Forsaken temple lies sacred
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Temple Of Sickness Lyrics

Candiria – Temple Of Sickness Lyrics

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