I want to hear your sad sad voice come to me loud and clear
I want to hear your lips and tongue form the words no ears should hear
And I want to watch you while your face reddens with fear
And watch your eyes get all clouded up with tears
This thing is such a stupid mess
So nuts you never would have guessed
You better watch yourself
Your words just tell
Watching your sundress just blowing in the breeze
This time of year I want to breathe but I just sneeze
And the sunshine is just killing me my degrees
And I go to smell the roses just to get stung by the bees
Your words just free me day by day
You better watch the things you say
Button your lip
Your tongue just slips
I don't need to read about myself in other towns
I don't want to hear all you have seen or what you've found
And when you turn for the second go around
Just keep your mouth shut and your ear down to the ground
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Sundress Lyrics

Buffalo Tom – Sundress Lyrics