I want the whole entire Clan
I want that shit to sound like it was stompin', for real
At ease, ten-four
There's only one that will to have the powers of truth
I want my soldiers to be dignified soldiers (Sir, yes, sir!)
I want you to march forward and bring forth the truth
I want you to go forth at twelve hundred feet per a second
My troops are you ready? (Sir, yes, sir!)
Buddha Monk? (Yes, sir)
I want you to show and prove the powers that the
Are you ready (yes, sir)
Pick up the pace!
Take your left foot up!

You must be crazy to sacrifice your life against this Manchu'
I bomb you with the tactics, and I don't warn bastards
So think fast, watch this God cut like glass
Bring your frame fast and make you do the thirty yard dash
That's yo' ass, my kills make me the last man that stands
It's that Brooklyn Zoo, damn, they want you to raise your fuckin' hands
I'm equipped with some shit that's dark, kill light like an eclipse
Now bow down to this God, and all wish you will give to I
Then infiltrate, I make moves like an earthquake
Make them bitches get down and pass it to you on a slate
Then my odyssey sees many Gods, I thought I see you flinch
Don't mind him, yo, drag him, punch him in his shit!
Assassin with quick slashin', verbal smashin'
There's no need to be askin', who be burnin' you fuckin' bastards
I'm mastered, and I'll attack like a praying mantis
So visualize these words, over across seas enhance it
You're banished, the retro-scale shows a hundred percent damage
Most niggaz parish from fuckin' with the Brooklyn Zoo elements!

Don't never fuck with the Brooklyn Zoo elements!
All my soldiers, stand forth!
Show no fear!
Pick up your feet!
Now there needs to be some teachin' goin' on!
Are you ready?

Alright, enough of nice, this next recite
Take life niggaz, and burn slowly down your windpipe
Sharp as ever, hell bound Brooklyn Zoo predator
Whatever, we can get down in any weather
I'm a marksman, fat, round, royal blood kin
Dirty psycho trend, here come the Brooklyn Zoo men
There's a thousand men rushin' in on one way, how can you win?
Monk accompanied by X-Men and four psychos who'll babble off your shin
I'm tired of y'all heathin', schemin' to make me start leakin'
The first nigga open his mouth is the first nigga to start bleedin'
Yo, I mean this, I'm like a Q-Tip cleanin' out yo' penis
And most of you niggaz will rotate around me like you're fuckin' Venus
At ease, here's a tissue for your nose bleed
Watch this Zoo God seize, like seeds, that of Johnny Appleseed
You want to battle? First power, I see, hears you
Defy the laws of gravity, then my brain injects in you!
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Art Of War Lyrics

Buddha Monk – Art Of War Lyrics