In this poor universe of stellar galactic flying tongues, and feeble fluorescent flies, a seemingly doomed and dismal future is approaching nearer and nearer. Unless the force of cruelty can be conquered by an influx of fun designated by a monsterous shipment of dolls, robots, and toys made by japanese technicians; dedicated to unbelievable, colorful novelty and delivered exclusively to Buckethead's Toy Store. A true wonderland of joy. Even Rude Ralph agrees.

(Bells ring) Hey, do you have any of those ultra-gross Buckethead/Zillatron dual doll packs left?

(Phone rings) ahhhh Buckethead's Toy Store. Oh dude of course we have waxwars in what kind of operation do you think we're running here! ?

(Car horns honk) hey outta my way I gotta get to buckethead's toy store!

Wow... This is a really neat toy store.
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Buckethead's Toy Store Lyrics

Buckethead – Buckethead's Toy Store Lyrics