(woargh = aend-of-backstreets type full throated growl)Yeah girlNow won’t you come on out tonightGirl, where the stars will shine real brightWell I gotta get that feelingYeah I wanna get that feelingWoargh* back againYeah, back again tonightThere’s something in the airTonightAin’t got money but I don’t careI gotta get that feelingI wanna get that feelingAnd before the night is throughYou’re gonna get that feeling tooHold me in your arms and baby take everythingLet the light shine, and if we (dare to ? ? ? )...Yeah,yeah,yeah tonightWell there’s something in the air,And tonight, yeah, we ain’t got money but I don’t careWe gotta get that feelingYeah, we gotta get that feelingWoargh* back againWooooaaaaarrrrggghh(di-di-di-di-da-woooahs to fade)
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Get That Feeling Lyrics