At sixteen she quit high schoolTo make a fortune in the promised landShe got a job behind the counterIn an all-night hamburger standShe rode faithfully home to mamaNow, mama don’t you worry noneFrom small things, mama, big things one day comeIt was late one fridayHe pulled in out of the darkHe was tall and handsomeFirst she took his order, then she took his heartThey bought a house up on the hillsideWhere little feet soon would runFrom small things, mama, big things one day comeOh, but love is bleedingIt’s sad but it’s trueWhen your heart is beatingYou don’t want to hear the newsShe packed her bagsAnd with a wyoming county interstate mapShe drove down to tampaIn an eldorado grandShe wrote back, dear mamaLife is just heaven in the sunFrom small things, mama, big things one day comeWell, she shot him dead on a sunny florida roadWhen they caught her all she saidWas she couldn’t stand the way he droveBack home lonesome johnny waits for his baby’s paroleHe waits high on the hillsideWhere the wyoming rivers rollAnd his seed have almost grown nowTo a daughter and a handsome sonFrom small things, mama, big things one day come
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From Small Things Big Things Come Lyrics