Standing there holding hands in the middle of the night
With my thousand closest friends—I was
Standing there with my velvet Elvis in the candlelight
I heard a whisper in the wind

Graceland is not far away
You can see it through the eyes of faith
Graceland, if you reach out your hand
I can take you to the pearly gates
And you can see the real Graceland

Kneeling there
I dropped my painting and I said a little prayer
I asked the King into my heart
Kneeling there
I found the place where true life lives and
People love you like you are

He’s the king of rock ‘n’ roll
But He’s the King of everything
He’s got records
He’s got streets of gold
He’s the craze, but He’s not here to entertain
He died for fame, He died for souls
He can take your soul-Jesus take my soul
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Graceland Lyrics

Brother's Keeper – Graceland Lyrics