(Devilish Moans)
(Deep Inhales)

Lynch: Hey who tha Fucc are you?

Devil: Aw shit, don't you know devils don't die so I'm bacc in this muthafucka you know?

Lynch: nigga, nigga fucc you, but umm, when I shot you on tha last shoot... It wasn't to kill you anyway, it was just to see if I was you. You know what I'm sayin?
If I died when I shot you, that mean I was tha devil, you know? Based on everybody thought I was dead, I thought I was tha devil but now, since you hear hit this muthafuccin shit

(Devil Inhales)

Lynch: yea that's that cusche nigga

Devil: Damn!

Lynch: see what I'm sayin?

Devil: Yep.. Shit!


Devil: you know that muthafuckaz thought you was dead?

Lynch: don't trip don't trip

Lynch: ima dead man walkin anyway.

Devil: I know I know, that's 'cause you aint got no life nigga, I'm still hearin shit about you nigga. First I hear you was dead, then I hear you a Baby killa, then I hear you only eat nuthin but meat and 40's. Nigga you aint no Cannibal nigga

Lynch: nigga fuck you, you know what I'm sayin? You give me somethin that aint me, I feel disrespected you know what I'm sayin? Fucc around and put a 9 in yo muthafuccin mouth nigga.

Devil: oh oh you a hard muthafucka now you know I'm sayin. Well I'll tell you what. Since you atheist and gotta call me manson 'cause you don't believe in tha devil you know what I'm sayin, and aint scared od dying and shit, lets play this little game. You take your 9 and I'll take my 9, and we'll c*** that shit back you know what I'm sayin, and we'll point it at each other you know what I'm sayin, Hit tha joints then okay? We'll play a little game of Russion Roulette then you know?

Lynch: Fucc it fucc it

Both: lets do this shit (then/you know)

(Both c*** their guns)

(Both inhale their joints)

(3 gunshots are fired)
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Inhale With Da Devil / Smokin' Weed With Da Devil Lyrics

Brotha Lynch Hung – Inhale With Da Devil / Smokin' Weed With Da Devil Lyrics