It's Your Fault
-B. Chrupalyk

My mind is full of holes
And I know it shouldn't be
But I can't just let go
Of these thoughts of you and me
Together for one last time
This time making it right
I didn't mean to let you break my heart
Or to make you cry


It's your fault that I'm broken beyond repair
It's your words that made me
Feel like you didn't care
It's your actions that made me feel that way
It's your fault that these lips
They ain't able to say... "goodbye"

My heart is beating fast
And I know why I'm scared
But I can't excuse the way
I let it rip and tear
At the thought of you
Using me for your kicks
My madness is the very thing
That made it... End like this

Chorus repeat

My life is tragically lived
And I see no point
But I live it everyday
Regretful and annoyed
Misery loves my company
That's for goddamn sure
And everytime time you come back in my life
It's seems I just want more... Of you

Chorus repeat
They can't say "goodbye"
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It's Your Fault Lyrics

Brian's Curse – It's Your Fault Lyrics

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