It's when I hear the prophets call
It's my decision to be free
I know it doesn't go away
Still can't believe what you say
I drag myself through all my dreams
While I'm reflecting on the past
Struggling to reach the end of line
To cross the blackside of mankind
What do you expect me to be
A stranger who learns to hate
Beyond the mist of my memories
I'm blind and without fate
Would you see me, would you care
Would you take away my fears
Would you leave me, would you lie
Would you stand by me side by side
You seek confusion everywhere
The living proof of what can be
Finding it harder now to breathe
Onto a place where thoughts are free
So there is nowhere else to go
And there's no reason to resist
No god or master has built your brain
Drowning my soul and ease my pain
Can you tell what's inside of me
I'm too weak to fight my own
When faith and fear has closed on me
My existence depends on
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Would You Lyrics

Brainstorm – Would You Lyrics