A dozen roses in the car
And i don't know where you are
Maybe i don't know what i'm doing
You're moving like a movie
You still move me
Among the other ones
And twos and threes and twenty-threes
Got to keep my conscience clean
But that "hurricane what's-her-name"
Mentality was not for me
And never could be
Cause it surely brings bitter things
And misery

And was it clear?

Cause i just wrote a letter
A confession down the ladder
That things could be so much better
And through follow the leader
I met her and then another end
And usually a grudge
But i loved so much
The way we touched and psuedo-kissed
Oh i already miss you singing like this
Over the phone
Every now and every then i tend to pretend

And i say
Heaven hits me hard
Have you ever had a heaven here
Heaven hits me hardly
Have you ever had a heaven here

Im not so alone
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Roses In The Car Lyrics

Braid – Roses In The Car Lyrics