She was looking at shoes on Amazon
Her papa bad said find anyone
She thought about the first boy that she loved
Just a couple clicks and there he was

That night she sent a friend request
The next day she sat down at her desk
And four simple words “Hey, how you been?”
And she felt seventeen again

And that’s the thing about Facebook friends
It doesn’t matter how long it’s been
Someone you never thought you’d ever see again
And suddenly you’re Facebook friends

They started out just catching up
That led to meeting him for lunch
For long they’re meeting in some bar
And for long they’re kissing in some car


Oh if there was anybody else
She be sittin’ in judgement
Thinking they should be ashamed of themselves
For God’s sakes you’ve got a husband and a minivan
And this was not part of a plan

She fantasized they’d start a new life
That he’d finally up and leave his wife
But one day she turned her laptop on
And his whole profile page was gone

And that’s the thing about Facebook friends
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Facebook Friends Lyrics

Brad Paisley – Facebook Friends Lyrics

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