When you're left with only a bullet, I'll bring the trigger and a promise to pull it.
I'll be the end of everyone who's ever entered your life and taken pieces out of it.
I'll give you enough time to regain your composure
To reconstruct a heart that's torn apart from over-exposure.
I know forever isn't long enough to forget the faces and places that played out your tragedy.
Our memory defeats us all.

I've touched the stagnant water and muddy walls of the trench where you've been sleeping,
And there's nothing there worth keeping or believing.
So, on the eve of the attack, we'll finger-trace the targets on their backs and open fire.
Just hold on until they're gone.
So, with this kiss, I promise to never forget what you did for me.
I felt the sun on my face for the first time, and tasted blood on my tongue for the last.
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Hold On Tightly. Let Go Lightly. Lyrics

Boys Night Out – Hold On Tightly. Let Go Lightly. Lyrics

Songwriters: SUZANNE VEGA
Hold On Tightly. Let Go Lightly. lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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