Where were you the day they stole our innocence
And arranged a sacrifice for everyone in town
Drove all the words yet to be written underground
To save the money on the kerosene they'd need
Were you awake or were you sleeping
Or just too afraid to disagree?
Well I don't wanna sing about freedom anymore
I wanna see it, I wanna feel it
I wanna know that it still sits beyond the lines that we've been told
Beyond the wars that keep our families from home
I know that there's a way
Dear God let there be a way
To change the path we're on
And believe in a better day

Our dreams are their worst nightmares, these songs a call to arms
We can dance on the graves that held us, we can change the course of time
Stand up and fight, save yourself,
Strike, the time is now
You and me, we are more like sheep,
Forced to march crippled feet to the slaughter
I'll stand on principle, banner lifted and a fist raised high
Filthy soul with a patriot heart, dancing rhythms in a world apart
But you and me, we can live like thieves
On the dreams that we stole from their fears
Casting pearls before swine, hanging dead on the vine
Can we strive to be so much more then this?
To the slaughter
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Walk Astray Lyrics

Boy Sets Fire – Walk Astray Lyrics