They don't even have to kick down our doors
We let them in with a smile and a thank you
Media ingrained police state
Our fears create the cycle of reliance

And if you think for one fucking second
That they're not bleeding you for all their worth
Dig your grave now and save them the trouble
Tie yourself down to the fairy tales

The Holocaust will not be televised
That is unless it becomes marketable
In the market of fear
In the market of flesh and blood

Sold to you by the new improved Jack booted thugs
We've lost direction Senses rot away
Kneel and beg for safety
Just forget the whip marks on your back.

Around the world, and in America specifically, we are being subjected to a regularly scheduled program of fear and violence brought to us by a twin attack of the media and politicians who feed our fears on each other

Blacks fear whites, whites fear anyone different, and we all fear that which we do not know, even
though, according to many studies, violent crime statistics are down

We keep adding more police and giving those police more and more power
We are trading our rights for the illusion of safety and in doing so we give the real criminals even more potency
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Boy Sets Fire – Voiceover Lyrics