Fall Kneel And beg Just try harder and you will find
The way to everlasting site Don't take this lite away
It never did you any harm Just when I thought I'd find my way
Pagentry are all the same Defiled and devine
Self respect should never have to bleed from my knees
Wait for something to happen
Wait to understand I slip I grasp I always miss in cycles
Fallen angels
Never fully gain control.
It gets difficult to remain positive in the face of, it seems,
Overwhelmingly negative odds about never affecting anything positively.
Doubt sets in, then depression is coupled with anger,
When even Maximum Rock N Roll has an interview with a band
That spends several paragraphs talking about how lame
Boy Sets Fire is and how they are never going to change anything.
But then we got a letter from someone who we have affected
Or inspired to make changes within themselves in the hope that they will change the world.
Change is natural and must happen.
How that change comes and whether that change is for good or evil, is up to us
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Cavity Lyrics

Boy Sets Fire – Cavity Lyrics