I got up and I felt I'll
Wish I had an uncle Bill
Check my head make me better
Feed me soup and I'll feel fitter
I could sit and wish all day
Sick things won't go away
Sick of boxes in my house
Sick of quiet like that mouse

I can't think, no I can't stay
Not cooking the usual way
Shake my stick, shake loose a change
Could it be I am deranged
Migraines, sweats, I got the chills
Being sick it ain't no thrill

Sick of old school, sick of new
Sick of things I used to do

Stomach sour, knees gone weak
Did I mention that I leak
Sick of everything I see
Milk boy don't tell one me

I'm not well
I got sick
I'm not well
I got sick
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Sick Lyrics

Boss Hog – Sick Lyrics

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