Ladies and Gentlemen
This is the Yankee Mambo

One, Two,
Three out of four
World Series rings
Gonna win us some more

You know I'm talkin bout
Our favorite team
It's the New York Yankees
Let me hear ya scream

We've been doing it since
Gherig and Ruth
Mantle and Dimaggio
That's the truth

We got Yankee pride
Pinstripes too
We're the Bronx Bombers
In white and blue

Strike 'em out, throw 'em out
Makin double plays
Hitten home runs, line drives
Every game

Come on everybody
Get real loud
When Phil Rizzuto yells
"Holy Cow!"


A little bit'o Bernie every night
A little bit'o Paul O'neal in right
A little bit'o Tino's all we need
A little bit'o Jeter he's got speed

A little bit'o Coney on the mound
A little bit'o Rocket mows 'em down
A little Mariano gettin saves
A little El Duque beats the braves

Yankee Mambo!

Chuck Knoblauch
He's the man
If he can't do it
Scott Brosius can

Andy Pettitte
Brings his stuff
Nelson and Stanton
Set 'em up

Ricky Ledee
Is out in Left
Spencer and Leyritz
Are always next

Mendoza, Posada
Aint the end of the story
And last but not least
Joe Torre


Yankee mambo!

When I say New York
You say Yankees
New York, Yankees
New York Yankees

When I say New York
You say Yankees
New York, Yankees
New York, Yankees


Everybody in the house
Get on your feet
We're the world champs
And we can't be beat

Ladies and gentlemen
Girls and boys
Let me hear you
Make some noise

Yankee Mambo!
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Yankee Mambo Lyrics

B.O.M.B Faktory – Yankee Mambo Lyrics

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