[Verse 1: B. O. B.]
Now open your mind up and listen you n****s
I am the master, the guru and after I school you I’m skinning you n****s
You finished, I’m making chinchillas out n****s
You should be embarrassed I’m thinking ’bout rapping, it’s killing you n****s
Consider this tax for the swag that my city has given you n****s
And I know I’m the man, no, I don’t need no Grammy award on my mantle
Know it don’t matter, the beat it don’t matter, the style, any flow I can channel
You see I’m from Atlanta, east side of Decatur, I grew up on Candler
If you notice the way that I talk is vernacular, this is my actual grammar
I got these n****s nervous cause whatever lane I’m in I’mma handle
Your lyrics are wack and emotionally shallow
You lost in my thoughts, you don’t know how to paddle
I know that I’m shining, I know that I’m shining
Don’t worry cause you can find shade in my shadow
From my point of view there’s so many dead rappers
S**t, all we need is a memorial banner
My first mixtape, they all said I sounded like Drake
Then they said my album was pop, didn’t really sound like the mixtape
Now I’m doing what I started, now they telling me I changed
I head underrated so much you would swear it was my name
Ain’t no rappers on my list
Come holla at me when you’re done riding each others d**k
Twenty-five million singles worlwide, I’ll guess I’ll take another hit
Matter of fact I find this rap s**t boring, man I’m over it
Give me my guitar pick, I’ll show you s**t
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How 2 Rap Lyrics