Well I was walking through the mall
When I saw the coolest store of all
The pet shop always makes me smile
I just had to go inside for a while

I wasn't really looking to buy
Then I saw for only 4.95
Undeniably what had to be
The greatest pet ever alive

(I saw a pet rock)
He was looking up at me
(A pet rock)
Waiting there patiently
(A pet rock)
He was practically begging me to take him home

Well my pet rock he is the bomb
He'd never growl or bite he's always calm
He keeps his cage so very clean
And he's the cutest rock I've ever seen

When it's warm out we go to the beach
Or I take him for a walk on his leashe
Baby can't you see my rock and me
Are the greatest pals ever to be

(I got a pet rock)
And we're inseperable
(A pet rock)
He's more than just a collectable
(A pet rock)
He may not be intellectual, but he's mine all mine

I take my rock with me to bed
To lunch, to recess, and even phys. ed.
Now I'm the most popular kid in school
Cause my pet rock is just so cool

Well my pet rock is my best friend
He's the best 5 bucks I've ever spent
He's never try to run away
He always listens to what I have to say

Now that he's older he's ready to date
I can't wait until my rock finds a mate
Then eventually my rock will breed
And start a rock colony

(I got a pet rock)
He's my pride and joy
(A pet rock)
Think I'll probably name him Roy

(A pet rock)
Put him down cause he's not a toy
He's my best friend
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Pet Rock Lyrics

Bob Ricci – Pet Rock Lyrics