My soul's in motion, movin' on this righteous thing
You're doin' in me, here in me
My sole devotion 'bout to makin' me wanna sing
In harmony, harmony

Singing bout' the joy I've found walkin' on holy ground
Don't you know, there's absolutely no room for doubt
I'm counting on the promises You made, the life that You gave
That's where I wanna go

Oh me, oh my
I'm on my way to paradise
So sweet, so nice
I'm on my way to paradise

Good Lord, I'm ready
Ready for anything, anything at all
I'm movin' steady, I'm walkin' on the narrow road
That's gonna lead me home, right on home

I can almost see myself walkin' on the streets of gold
I can almost hear the Angels calling my name
I'm gonna see Him face to face, eye to eye
And that's where I wanna go

[Chorus: x4]
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On My Way To Paradise Lyrics

Bob Carlisle – On My Way To Paradise Lyrics

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