Its been hard wakin' up
wakin' up to the truth
ive been so blind
couldnt see for love no
tried my best to ignore it
wished the pain away
but just like tomorrow
its coming round again

so darling, please dont treat me like a fool
its been hard enough for me, getting over you
darling, please dont treat me like you do
ill be damned if im gonna let ya
damned if i dont forget ya
so please dont treat me - like a fool

thought i gave you the best
but it wasnt enough
you took advantage of my trusting heart
tried my best to forgive you
did my best to forget
im done with the tears
and there are no regrets


i know ill be reaching out to touch you in the night
holding on to the memories
cos you're not here to hold me tight
you lied when you told me
it hurt to be apart
when all the lying you're doing
is in someone elses arms

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Treat Me Like A Fool Lyrics